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In order to meet our mission, RockNet has established several areas of activities and specific tasks within those areas. If you have any interest in participating in these activities, send a note to comments@rocknet.org.

Community Centric Web Site

Developing and maintaining our web site is our primary effort to bring the Rockville community to the Internet.  We have a large collection of static web pages which need constant maintenance. We also are moving into dynamic web applications to interactively involve the community.  The following is a list of tasks that we are looking to staff.

  1. Maintain and improve the Rockville community calendar of events.
  2. Set up a "newcomers" packet -- an electronic welcome wagon, including registration, e-mail to businesses, and business coupons.
  3. Add information on the larger shopping malls and shopping centers, including a map.
  4. Set up a page for Rockville kid's art photos, with add and search features.
  5. Create and maintain more web pages for Rockville citizen organizations.
  6. Work with City to export images from the City's Geographic Information System (GIS) to the web.
  7. Create a citizen registry and feedback mechanism, and develop a motivation scheme to encourage participation.
  8. Create an application to hold, display, and search community archives, such as meeting minutes and newsletters.
  9. Local sports league results, such as bowling and softball.
  10. Establish a weekly poll on topics of importance to citizens.

Enhanced Citizen Communications

E-Mail List Server - RockNet has established an NTList e-mail list server.  We need to maintain the current lists and create new ones. We need to encourage citizens to use the servers to communicate, especially on important community issues.  We installed a web based discussion group application in 1998.  It was little used, so we took it down in 1999. We need to overcome the issues exposed by this experiment.

Net Meetings - In order to encourage more participation by citizens, RockNet will try to establish a technique of network based meetings.  This would be used citizen groups to include citizens who are not physically at a meeting, but want to participate.

Support for Technology Insertion

Citizens - RockNet members help with community centered computer centers, such as the Senior Citizen Center and the Twinbrook Recreation Center.   We need to increase and expand this help.  We need to press for more facilities and staff. We need to consider ways to insert computer and network technologies into homes with a focus on families who have limited financial resources.

City - RockNet members help the City of Rockville establish and maintain new computer and network technologies.  These technologies are used by City staff and citizens.  We need to continue our support with guidance in areas such as security and dynamic applications.

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