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The RockNet web pages have numerous links to other web sites that relate to the RockNet mission, and we are continuously looking for additional links. If you would like a link to your web site from the RockNet web site, please send a note to comments@rocknet.org.

The following criteria must be met for an external web link to be placed on the RockNet web pages.

  1. The organization must provide service to Rockville citizens under one of the following scopes.
    1. Proclaim themselves as a Rockville organization. We look for a Rockville address or for Rockville in their title. Landrover and Bombay Bistro are examples.
    2. Provides a service that covers Rockville and so indicates. We look for Rockville in its service description. Metro and Montgomery County Public Schools are examples.
    3. Broadcast into Rockville or draw participation from Rockville. WETA, WWDC, Redskins, and Kennedy Center are examples.
  2. The organization's web site must be accessible through the Internet with reasonable response times and reliability.
  3. RockNet will not knowingly link to a web page where the organization promotes or engages in illegal activities.
  4. Non-profit organizations that meet the other criteria may be listed without a link. This is reserved for organizations such as religious, civic, and educational organizations.
  5. RockNet will not link to personal web pages.

When considering a link to its web site, RockNet will not evaluate the service or merits of an organization outside these criteria.

Once the link is considered appropriate, the RockNet web administrator will add it to the RockNet web pages and send a reply to the requester.

These criteria may be amended by the RockNet Board of Directors.

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