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RockNet has established a free wireless Internet access in the Rockville Town Center.  The hotspot is accessed indoors and outdoors along "Regal Row", which is the cluster of restaurants and retailers surrounding Regal Cinemas on East Montgomery Avenue between Maryland Avenue and Monroe Street.  Bring your appetite and laptop to Regal Row.  Check out our news release.

RockNet has been working to help citizens use wireless technology to access the Internet and connect with their neighbors.  providing.  We have had exhibits at Rockville Science Day 2004 and 2005.  Applied Wireless LAN has been a continuous partner in our efforts to expand the use of wireless networks.  They have produced a Newsletter on wireless access.  Check out our wireless resources web page for more information.

Launch of the RockNet Wireless Internet Hotspot, October 5, 2005

The speeches... Jonathan Walker, Sally Sternbach, Mayor Larry Giammo

And then the ceremony...

Here is what our Login page looks like.  Just visit the Regal Row and turn on your computer.  Open your web browser and this is what you will see. You need to obtain a username and password using before you can access the Internet through our wireless network.
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