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May 27, 1999

City of Rockville Mayor and Council
111 Maryland Ave
Rockville, MD 20850

Dear Mayor and Council,

The Rockville Community Network (RockNet) has continued to provide service to the citizens of Rockville and the City government. We thank the City for their support in FY1999, and through the FY2000 planning and budget process, we would like the City to continue their support for RockNet.

During the past year, the City has provided RockNet space and Internet connectivity on the City's web server, through which we have maintained an independent web site. The City has also provided email list servers and e-mail routing services for RockNet.

Our web site is averaging over 100 visitors a day, who, after visiting our site, better understand why Rockville is a great place to live. We maintain an on-line calendar of events in Rockville and links to businesses, civic associations, religious organizations, and schools. We have detailed information on the Y2K computer issues and health resources on the Web.

With FY1999 funding provided by the City, RockNet has purchased our own web server. We are in the process of placing it into service and hope to have it operational before July. This new server will allow us to increase our use of Web technology to better serve our neighbors. We will be permitting citizen organizations direct access to the server so they can manage their own web site. The City will host their web site on our web server until they can improve their system.

The City has continued to provide part-time labor to RockNet through the City web administrator position. From this labor, RockNet has received support for communications between the City, citizens and RockNet, including web site statistics reports, participation in our monthly meeting, and support for our new web server.

RockNet has supported the City in their search for and hiring of a director of Information Technology. RockNet applauds this change in focus and the restructuring of staff to meet the technology needs of the City and citizens.

Our partnership is working and we would like it to continue. There are three specific areas where the City can help RockNet in FY2000.

During the next year, with the help of the City, we plan to improve the Rockville Community Network. These plans include

Thank you again for your support in FY1999. We welcome all who want to participate in Rockville's future through the building of the Rockville Community Network.

Respectfully submitted,

Robert W. Ekman
President, Rockville Community Network
phone: 301-340-9696

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