RockNet Home Page   RockNet Meeting Minutes - October 14, 1999

                     ROCKNET MEETING MINUTES

                        October 14, 1999

Present: Mike Cannon, Stan Klein, Bob Ekman

Meeting called to order at 7:45 pm by Bob Ekman.

1. Minutes of the July and September meeting were tabled due to the lack of 
   members from those meetings. There was no meeting in August.  In order to
   get them accepted as official, Bob Ekman will conduct a vote via e-mail.

2. City Report:
   a. There has been little activity on the City's web site -- very few 
      comments.  Chris Medley continues to help as best she can.
   b. We still don't have statistics for the past few months.  The log files
      are available on the server.  There are several log folders.  The 
      City's and RockNet's are now separate.
   c. Resumes for the web administrator position are still being accepted.
      Interviews will begin immediately.
   d. Apparently, the list server was not delivering messages to people 
      inside the City network for almost 2 weeks.  It is fixed now.
   e. There are continued concerns with the speed of the Sailor Internet
      connection.  The City may get a DSL line as a temporary solution, 
      until the StarPower connections are established (over 1 year from now).
   f. The City will be posting election results on Tuesday, November 2.

3. RockNet Report:
   a. RockNet posted candidate responses to a citizens group's question.
      It has created additional interest in RockNet.
   b. FallsMead Homeowners Corporation web pages were loaded on the RockNet
      web server.
   c. It was suggested that City interns could help with creating citizen 
      group web pages.

4. The Twinbrook Recreation Center is opening Saturday, October 16.
   There will be a computer room available for citizens to connect
   with the Internet.  Bob Ekman will attend the opening and leave
   some RockNet brochures in the computer room.
Respectfully submitted,

  Bob Ekman
  524 Carr Ave.
  Rockville, MD 20850