RockNet Home Page   RockNet Meeting Minutes - April 8, 1999
                    ROCKNET MEETING MINUTES

                       April 8, 1999

The meeting convened at 8:00. Bob Ekman chaired the meeting. 

Those in attendance were: Eric Granered, Stan Klein, Roald 
Schrack, Bob Ekman, and Mike Cannon.

a. The minutes of the March 11, 1999 meeting were approved as 
published on the Internet.

b. Bob read a letter from Gail Wissan Muren submitting her 

c. Mike Cannon discussed forthcoming improvements in the 
Rockville connection to the internet. The current 
connection shares access to the internet with quite a few 
other servers. Soon, Rockville will share its connection 
to the internet with fewer servers resulting in marked 
improvement in response time.

d. Bob Ekman discussed some ideas to freshen up the 
Rocknet web site. Perhaps including a search engine.

e. The officers that were nominated at the last meeting 
(11 March 1999) stood for election, there being no 
additional nominations the following slate was elected:

  President- Bob Ekman
  Vice Pres.- Eric Granered
  Treasurer- Bob Skinner

  Roald Schrack agreed to serve as secretary on a temporary 

f. A discussion of the role of the city list-serve 
operation touched upon a lack of utilization and 
discussion that was originally expected. There was a 
proposal to combine some of the list serves to promote 
greater use but this suggestion was rejected. A proposal 
to include a sign-up form on the city site was viewed 

g. Bob Ekman asked for assistance in setting up the 
server.  Bob Ekman proposed Tuesday, April 13. (this was 
later rescheduled via e-mail)

h. Bob Ekman asked for assistance on Science day 25 April 
1999. Several offered to help and a schedule was set up.

The meeting adjourned at 9:00 pm

Respectfully submitted by R. Schrack 12 April 1999