RockNet Home Page   RockNet Meeting Minutes - March 11, 1999
                    ROCKNET MEETING MINUTES

                       March 11, 1999

Meeting was called to order by Robert Skinner at 7:35 p.m.  In 
attendance were Mike Cannon, IT Director for the City of 
Rockville, Robert Ekman, Erik Granered, Stan Klein, Chris Medley, 
Robert Skinner and Barbara Skinner.

The minutes of the February 11, 1999 meeting were approved as 
published on the Internet.

A) Chris Medley introduced the group to Mike Cannon, new IT 
Director for the City.

B) No nominations for officers of RockNet have been received.  
Bob Skinner nominated Bob Ekman for president; Bob Ekman 
accepted the nomination.  Bob Ekman nominated Bob Skinner for 
treasurer; Bob Skinner accepted the nomination.  Bob Skinner 
nominated Eric Granered for vice-president; Erik accepted the 
nomination.  No nominations for the position of secretary were 

C) Chris Medley reported that the numbers of visitors to the 
Cityís and RockNetís web sites were up.

D) Bob Skinner will follow up with Gail Wisan Muren on the 
question of student involvement in RockNet; Mike Cannon was 
encouraged to talk to his contact at Montgomery College.

E) Bob Ekman asked for volunteers to work at the RockNet table at 
Rockville Science Day on April 25, 1999.

F) Discussion re new server:

  1) Chris and Mike indicated that Ray Pecora is interested in 
  becoming involved with setting up the new server.  

  2) Group agreed that anti-virus and back up software is still 

  3) List server software must be transferred/re-installed on the 
  new server; 20 lists are available and 19 are in use; some 
  consolidation is necessary.

  4) Bob Ekman will put together a list of tasks and would 
  appreciate comments thereto; he will advise group when the 
  server is to be installed.  

  5) Eric will prepare a written proposal/scenario to allow web 
  pages to be updated. 

Meeting was adjourned at 8:45 p.m.