RockNet Home Page   RockNet Meeting Minutes - February 11, 1999
                    ROCKNET MEETING MINUTES

                       February 11, 1999

Meeting was called to order by Robert Skinner at 7:31 p.m.  
In attendance were Robert Ekman, Erik Granered, Stan Klein, 
Nick Koumoutseas, Chris Medley, Roald Schrack, Robert Skinner 
and Barbara Skinner.

The minutes of the November 12, 1998 meeting with read and 
approved without objection.  There were no meetings held in 
December and January.

A.	Discussion re new server: Bob Ekman presented proposal 
from CompUSA on purchase of server, suggestion was made to 
obtain an external modem.  Motion made by Bob Ekman, seconded 
by Barbara Skinner and approved unanimously to approve CompUSAís 
proposal at approximately $4,135 for purchase of server.  Bob 
will obtain invoice and present it to City for issuance of 
payment check.

B.	Bob Skinner advised meeting that John Herman has resigned 
and that therefore the position of Treasurer is now vacant and 
there is an open seat on the Board of Directors.  Bob Skinner 
also suggested that time has come for election of new officers.  
Ensuing discussion resulted in the following actions:

	1.	In accordance with action taken in September meeting, 
      Stan Klein moved, Bob Ekman seconded, that Roald 
      Schrack be appointed to Board of Directors to fill 
      vacancy created by Barbara Goldsteinís departure; 
      motion carried unanimously.	

	2.	Stan Klein moved, Roald Schrack seconded, that Bob 
      Skinner be authorized to act as acting Treasurer until 
      elections are held. Motion carried unanimously.

	3.	Roald Schrack moved, Barbara Skinner seconded, that 
      announcement be made on RCNet list server and RockNet 
      web site that there is an opening on RockNetís Board 
      of Directors, that nominations are being solicited for 
      the election of officers of RockNet (positions of 
      president, vice president, treasurer and secretary), 
      and that persons are invited to show interest by 
      responding to  Motion carried 

	4.	Barbara Skinner moved, Stan Klein seconded, that 
      Roald Schrack be appointed chairman of the nominating 
      committee, not expected to recruit, only to keep records 
      straight, and all responses of interested parties 
      re: nominations sent to be copied 
      to him.  Stan Klein agreed to work with Roald on committee.
      Motion carried unanimously.  

	5.	Roald Schrack moved, Stan Klein seconded, that 
      announcement be made as immediately as possible on RC Net 
      and RockNetís web page that nominations are being      
      accepted for the four officer positions and one vacant 
      Board seat, that nominations will be closed one week 
      before the April 8, 1999 meeting, i.e., April 1, 1999, 
      nominees and current incumbents seeking re-election shall 
      include a one-paragraph description of their qualifications
      for the position sought, and that names of the nominees
      shall be published when nominations close.  Motion carried

	6.	Roald Schrack moved, Stan Klein seconded, that 
      electorate eligible to vote shall be anyone who has 
      attended at least two meetings during the last six months,
      prior to the day of election.  Motion carried unanimously.

	7.	Barbara Skinner moved, Roald Schrack seconded, 
      that election will be held at April 8, 1999, meeting.  
      Motion carried unanimously.

	8.	Stan Klein moved, Barbara Skinner seconded, that 
      nominations must be made with the approval of the nominees.
      Motion carried unanimously.

	9.	Roald Schrack moved, Nick Koumoutseas seconded, 
      that nominees must be present for the election.  After 
      discussion, Roald withdrew his motion.

	10.	Stan Klein moved, Roald Schrack seconded, to 
      permit voting by e-mail after closing of the nomination
      period but before midnight on April 7, 1999.  Motion 
      carried unanimously.

C.	Nick Koumoutseas reported that he was working with 
Lincoln Park Civic Association to set up a Web page for the 
Association through RockNet using Front Page software for 
interactive updating.  Ensuing discussion resulted in the 
formation of a loose task force of Stan Klein, Bob Ekman, 
Erik Granered and Nick Koumoutseas with Erik pulling together 
a list of state-of-the-art updating mechanisms and related 
information and making presentation on line via  Chris to add Erik and Nick to

Meeting adjourned at 9:19 p.m.