RockNet Home Page   RockNet Meeting Minutes - August 13, 1998
                   ROCKNET MEETING MINUTES

                       August 13, 1998

	The meeting was called to order by Bob Skinner at 7:43 p.m.  In
attendance were Donna Boxer, Bob Ekman, Jane Jacobs, Stan Klein, Roald
Schrack, Barbara Skinner, Om Thukral and Gail Wisan Muren.

1. The minutes of the July 11, 1998, meeting were approved as published
on the internet

2. Donna Boxer - with the departure of Dave Mays, Donna is acting data
processing manager and RockNet's contact for technical support.  Donna
indicated that the City's ultimate plan calls for data processing to be
an independent department reporting directly to the City Manager.

3. Chris Medley will start full time for the City on Monday, August 17,

4. Om Thukral indicated that he had done some preliminary investigation
into new server costs; Bob Skinner suggested that he, Om and Bob Ekman
should meet to discuss requirements, pricing, etc. - 4:30 at City Hall
on August 27, 1998 selected.

5. Donna asked about proposed configuration of the new server:  RockNet
server will serve as a backup for the City; it will be more directly and
easily accessible without jeopardizing City's security; it will have a
lower security requirement.

Discussion ensued about whether the new server will be a RockNet asset
or a City asset as the $5,000 grant money for the server was added to
the City's data processing budget.  If the server is a RockNet asset,
there is no liability to the City.  Donna will check this point out, as
well as the promised ten-hour per week time commitment to RockNet from
the City's web administrator.

6. Roald Schrack reported he met with the Imagine Rockville group, who
want folders set up for Webboard conferences, which has not yet been
done.  Question asked if John Herman were to be responsible for setting
up conferences?  Suggestion made that rules for conferencing should be
included on page where someone signs up.

7. Discussion on proposed health page and the need for specific policy
for those pages which have broader impact than just Rockville.  Gail
proposed resolution which was seconded and adopted unanimously:

		Resolved:	That the RockNet Board supports the development of resource
pages on such topics of interest to Rockville as health and career
issues and will develop specific policies to support the development of
these resource pages at a later date.

Bob Ekman will post the two different health pages for comparison.

8. Meeting was adjourned at 9:40.