RockNet Home Page   RockNet Meeting Minutes - July 9, 1998

                July 9, 1998

      The meeting was called to order by Bob
 Skinner at 7:35 p.m.  In attendance were Jane
 Jacobs, Glennon Harrison, John Herman, Stan
 Klein, Chris Medley, Gail Wisan Muren, Roald
 Schrack and Barbara Skinner.

      Minutes for the June 11, 1998 meeting
 were reviewed at the meeting and approved.

      A.   Since the resignation of Dave Mays,
 Donna Boxer has been acting in the interim in
 the position.  It is hoped that she will be
 able to attend the August meeting.  Dave's
 departure has put some of RockNet's ideas on
 its server into question; it was suggested
 that Glennon Harrison, Bob Skinner, Bob
 Ekman, Chris Medley and Donna Boxer should
 meet.  Chris will ask Donna.
 Bob Ekman has indicated he will try to
 upgrade the server when he returns.

      B.   Chris Medley reported that there
 was an "server error" in picking up Adobe
 based files.

      C.   Group decided it would be wise to
 accelerate the server transition into the
 newer release of IIS as quickly as possible
 and make room for the City site on the new
 RockNet server onan interim basis.

      D.   John Herman discussed the WebBoard
 software, suggesting that RockNet members
 start "banging" on the software in order to
 understand it.  John also suggested that
 RockNet volunteers meet with each Imagine
 Rockville team to set up conferencing, as
 well as starting a conference on caring for
 the elderly.  Suggests that champions are
 needed.  Glennon and John will contact the
 Imagine Rockville people to develop interest
 in a pilot project, with Roald Schrack
 attending the July 23 steering committee

           Glennon Harrison suggested there be
 some statement on the page listing
 conferences that someone may be barred at the
 discretion of the Board; otherwise, so far as
 moderation/registration is concerned, group
 agreed to open it up and see what happens.   

      E.   John Herman indicated he had called
 the law firm to check on RockNet's tax exempt
 status; he was told that a check needed to be
 made with the firm partner and that some sort
 of time table would be provided.  Bob Skinner
 and Glennon Harrison offered to help.

      F.   Jane Jacobs discussed how to tie
 Wheel Knowledge in with threaded discussions. 
 She reported that she had met someone
 involved with the President's Council on the
 year 2000, who expressed an interest in
 linking to RockNet.  The Board voted
 unanimously to establish such a link, with
 Jane as its champion and results posted to
 the Wheel Knowledge web page.  Chris Medley
 will lay out Wheel Knowledge page for Bob
 Ekman to review for Y2K link.

      G.   Roald Schrack reported that the
 Senior Center now has 3 phone lines,
 requested information on how to ISP them. 
 John Herman and Bob Skinner offered to help.

      H.   Glennon Harrison offered to
 prototype a kid-oriented page and send it to
 Bob Ekman and Chris Medley.

      I.   A discussion about the upcoming
 elections led to the following motion by Gail
 Wisan Muren:

           Move that RockNet establish a page
           for political candidates for the
           1998 Maryland primary and general
           election relevant to Rockville
           voters, with the candidates'
           telephone numbers, e-mail
           addresses, and links to web pages,
           to include the candidates' party
           affiliations and the offices to
           which the candidates are seeking

           Glennon Harrison moved to add
 "incumbents" to the motion; Bob Skinner
 seconded, and the motion was approved
 unanimously.  Items of general interest
 concerning the elections will be at the
 bottom of the page, such as a link to the
 League of Women Voters.  Glennon and Gail
 will coordinate the project.
      The meeting was adjourned at 9:12 p.m.