RockNet Home Page   RockNet Meeting Minutes - June 11, 1998

                 June 11, 1998

       Present at the meeting were Bob
  Ekman, Philip Hancock (President of the
  Montgomery College Computer Science Club),
  Glennon Harrison, John Herman, Stan Klein,
  David Mays, Chris Medley, Helen Triolo,
  Bob Skinner, and Barbara Skinner.  The
  meeting was convened by Bob Skinner at
  7:40 p.m.

      The minutes of the May 14, 1998
  meeting were approved as published on the
  Internet.  A message from Jane Jacobs on
  the Internet was added to the record and
  incorporated therein by reference.

       Philip Hancock, Montgomery College
  Computer Science Club, was welcomed to the
  group.  He expressed an interest in
  working on some of the group's projects.

       A.   Chris Medley reported that she
  is providing HTML training to various city
  staff and is trying to work more hours so
  that she can organize the position.  Chris
  reported that the Public Information
  office has control of the City's new
  digital camera.  She reported that the
  statistics seem to show that RockNet is
  getting about 40 users a day and that
  RockNet is not in the top 10 of hits on
  the City's page.

       B.   Discussion followed about new
  web server for RockNet approved in City's
  budget.  Bob Ekman indicated he hoped to
  take the existing server and try to
  upgrade it.  Second IP number from Sailor
  will be necessary.  Bob Ekman, John
  Herman, Dave Mays, Chris Medley and Philip
  Hancock will act to check out servers that
  could be purchased for RockNet.  Bob
  Ekman, Bob Skinner and Dave Mays to meet
  to analyze, discuss performance within

       C.   Dave Mays indicated that
  Webboard has been installed; a link is
  needed to enable it.

       D.   Discussion re RockNet's Web
  page, addition of topic buttons, link to
  threaded discussion groups.

       E.   Discussion re transfer of
  ownership of county cable and City's
  requirement for fiber optic loop joining
  city sites.

       Meeting adjourned at 9:10.