RockNet Home Page   RockNet Meeting Minutes - May 14, 1998
                      ROCKNET MEETING MINUTES

                           May 14, 1998

      The meeting was called to order by Bob Ekman at 7:40 p.m.
 In attendance were Bob Ekman, Jane Jacobs, Stan Klein, Chris
 Medley and Barbara Skinner.

      The minutes of the April 9, 1998, meeting were approved as
 published on the Internet with the correction of the following
 two typographic errors:

      Paragraph C - Change "Great" to "Greater"

      Paragraph F - Change "made" to "make"

      A.   Chris Medley indicated she is working on converting PDF
 to HTML; setting up staff reports, commission agendas, minutes,
 etc.; removing duplicative links from City's Web Page.

      B.   Nothing operational with threaded discussion software;
 John Herman still reviewing documentation.

      C.   Jane Jacobs reported Web page on Wheel Knowledge came
 up on April 24, 1998; line to be added giving address if e-mail
 problem occurs.

      D.   Discussion re need to periodically review content of
 links - review could be divided, should be discussed in depth at
 a future meeting when more people are present.

      E.   Bob Ekman reported re budget presentation:

           1.  RockNet requested 10 hours per week of a Web
 Administrator's time;

           2.   RockNet requested that the City fund and establish
 a separate web server system for RockNet; and

           3.   RockNet requested that the City investigate the
 performance of its current Internet service provider.

      F.   By-laws:  no activity to report.

      G.   City has requested input into Web Administrator
 Requirements; e-mail suggestions to Bob Ekman.

      Meeting adjourned at 8:45 p.m.