RockNet Home Page   RockNet Meeting Minutes - March 12, 1998

                  March 12, 1998

          The meeting was called to order by Bob Ekman at 7:35 p.m.
In attendance were Bob Ekman, Roald Schrack, Glennon Harrison, John
Herman, Jane Jacobs, Thomas E. Thomas, David Mays, Gail Wisan Muren
and Chris Medley.

     The minutes of the February 12, 1998 meeting  were
approved as published on the Internet with the following change:

     A. Gail Wisan Muren indicated that she did not receive the
     Rocknet brochure at the February 12 meeting."

  Bob Ekman reported that he would preside at the RocNet meeting
since Bob and Barbara Skinner were ill and could not attend.

  In the absense of the highly valued Barbara Skinner, everyone else
stepped back, and Gail Wisan Muren was left to volunteer for the
secretary role.

Reports and Discussion:

  A. Bob Ekman reported that Chris Medley would serve on a temporary
part-time basis (20 hours) as the replacement for Karla Breitbach.
Some reporting software currently cannot  be found and thus some
reports on Rocknet statistics (e.g., use) may be interrupted. Chris
will work on both RockNet and on the City's home page. She will put
up a new structure for the web site and would like feedback.

  B. Jane Jacobs changed her e-mail address and could not send out
the RockNet meeting announcement for the March 12 meeting.

  C. John Herman reported on our attempt to get nonprofit status
(Form 1023). He handed out a letter from Sara T. Schumacher, a
lawyer with  Venable, Attorneys At Law where she discussed
fund-raising and political activities in a nonprofit organization. A
Summary of Legal Issues was provided by Ms. Schumacher to John
Herman. John handed out the Summary to the Board.  RockNet needs to
be sure that in raising funds, it does not engage in activities
which would result in taxable unrelated business income. "It is not
considered unrelated business income when a tax-exempt organization
offers non-costly 'giveaways'."  Advertising could be a problem if
not handled properly. John will review the lengthy recommendations
of Venable. Regarding political activies, non-partisan analysis and
equal access seem to be emphasized.  Candidates cannot be rated by a
nonprofit organization but their records can be reported.

  D. Bob Ekman reported on how people voted regarding the best ways
to improve our web site. The following options were favored:

   102 add real estate and housing information to Business Page
   103 add job links (and job site lists) to Business Page

   100 revise the top page to include announcements and new items
   101 move What's New Page to ROckNEt as a history list

   110 add Wheel Knowledge web page with mailto: Jane
   111 relist business by business type
   112 add inviation to add links at bottom of most pages

  E. David Mays reported that we now have the threaded discussion
group software.  John Herman volunteered to configure it. It was
suggested by Bob Ekman that each Action Team for Imagine Rockville
could have a threaded discussion group. Listservs were discussed.
Problems of listservs that do not have an open membership were

  F. Glennon Harrison reported on the new high speed internet access
that will be available in the next few months (May) from Prime
Communications. They will rebuild the system with fiber optic cable
and the new system represents a significant improvement in speed.
The new system will provide  provide internet, cable tv, and
telephone access.

  G. Jane Jacobs handed out the "Draft Text for Buttons on Wheel
Knowledge Pages."  John Herman noted that Wheel of Knowldege (via
Jane Jacobs) could archive threaded discussion.

  H. Bob Ekman again announced that Rockville Science Day will be
April 26, 1998 and that he is seeking volunteers.

  Meeting adjourned.