RockNet Home Page   RockNet Meeting Minutes - November 13, 1997

              November 13, 1997

     The meeting was called to order by Bob
Skinner at 7:45 p.m.  In attendance were
Karla Breitbach, Bob Ekman, Barbara
Goldstein, Glennon Harrison, Jane Jacobs,
John Herman, Dave Mays, Marty Scholl (Potomac
Woods), Roald Schrack, Helen Triolo, Barbara
Skinner, Bob Skinner, and Thomas E. Thomas.

     Minutes of the October 9, 1997, meeting
were read and approved as amended.

     A.   Status of discussion groups:  Karla
Breitbach reported that she has done some
research on kinds of Web browsers which she
will forward to Tom DeGeorge.  Discussion by
group on tying membership into discussion
group registration; registration serving as a
moderating tool; membership equating to
subscription, with non-members observing but
not posting.  Possible time frame given by
Dave Mays of two to four weeks.

     B.   Discussion of e-mail accounts:  500
accounts promised by City; Bob Skinner
suggested that RockNet Board members have
mail accounts.  Bob Ekman suggested "Comments
@ RockNet.Org" as address, with Karla acting
as manual dispatcher.  Dave Mays asked that
those wanting addresses sent appropriate
information/request to Karla.

     C.   Discussion with Marty Scholl, re a
civic/neighborhood association's
desire/incentive to become involved with
RockNet.  Items discussed included question
to Dave Mays as to who can log in on City's
server, levels of accessibility, security,
feasibility of using separate server, RockNet
"partnering" with an Internet provider and
possible incentives to such a provider.

     D.   Reports from Karla Breitbach:
Indicated she can set up more customized
reports for RockNet, provided group with a
list of "Standard Queries" from which to

     E.   Helen Triolo volunteered to
maintain calendar; Bob Ekman will post it.
Helen indicated she believes RockNet needs to
know what and who it is before too much
public relations work is done; she, Jane
Jacobs, Glennon Harrison, Bob Ekman will work
on improving how RockNet receives and hangs
content and try to provide procedure to bring
it in.

     Meeting adjourned at 9:50 p.m.