RockNet Home Page   RockNet Meeting Minutes - October 9, 1997
                October 9, 1997

      The meeting was called to order by Bob
 Skinner at 7:38 p.m.  In attendance were Bob
 Ekman, Glennon Harrison, John Herman, Jane
 Jacobs, Stan Klein, Gail Wisan Muren, Barbara
 Skinner, Bob Skinner, and Helen Triolo.

      Minutes of the September 11, 1997,
 meeting were read and approved.

      Group welcomed Helen Triolo of

      A.   Due to some expressed confusion
 about meeting dates, Jane Jacobs volunteered
 to notify group members about upcoming
 meetings during the week prior to each

      B.   Bob Skinner asked Bob Ekman to get
 answers to agenda questions from Karla

      C.   Bob Skinner brought a disk with
 RockNet's Articles of Incorporation.

      D.   Gail Wisan Muren reported that all
 candidates had answered the questionnaire.
 Bob Ekman reported that all the answers were
 on the Web page except for Lih Young's, which
 were filed today.  A vote of thanks was
 extended to Gail for her efforts/work on this

      E.   Bob Skinner reported on his
 conversations with Paul Glasgow, City

           1.   RockNet's Articles of
           Incorporation have been accepted
           and Mr. Glasgow indicated the tax
           exempt form is being prepared;

           2.   Insofar as a trademark for
           RockNet.Org is concerned, it would
           have a service mark, not a trade
           mark, because it provides a
           service.  A service mark check
           would have to be performed to
           verify the uniqueness of the name
           "RockNet," costing about $290.00,
           and an additional $1500 to $2000
           would be needed to register the
           service mark with the Federal
           government.   Consensus of the
           group was not to pursue the matter
           any further.

      F.   Bob Skinner reported on his visit
 to the Senior Center with Roald Schrack.

      G.   Jane Jacobs has been in contact
 with Paul Baker, who used RockNet as an
 example in his Ph.D. thesis paper, which has
 not yet been published.  However, Jane
 indicated that Paul might, on a one-on-one
 basis, release the entire relevant chapter to
 RockNet board members if contacted
 personally, provided no further dissemination
 or reproduction of the chapter were made.
 Paul may attend RockNet's November meeting.

      H.   Jane Jacobs reported that efforts
 are continuing on the Wheel Knowledge

      I.   After a motion by Gail Wisan Muren,
 the group voted (Stan Klein and Glennon
 Harrison abstaining) that the candidates
 would be re-contacted for endorsement
 information/listings which would be posted
 with no more than a one week lag between now
 and the date of the election on November 4.

      J.   Discussion of RockNet brochures and
 publicity needs resulted in:

           1.   A special meeting will be
           scheduled to deal exclusively with
           publicity for RockNet;

           2.   Helen Triolo will serve as
                "PR" person;

           3.   The RockNet brochure master
                needs to be gotten from Chris

           4.   Bob Ekman will give Helen the
           brochures that he has.

      The meeting was adjourned at 9:55 p.m.