RockNet Home Page   RockNet Meeting Minutes - August 14, 1997
                August 14, 1997

      The meeting was called to order by Bob
 Skinner at 7:40 p.m.  In attendance were Bob
 Ekman, Randy Gentry, Barbara Goldstein,
 Glennon Harrison, Jane Jacobs, Stan Klein,
 Roald Schrack, Barbara Skinner, Barbara
 Skinner and Thomas E. Thomas.

      Minutes of the July 10, 1997, were read
 and approved.

      A.   Stan Klein asked what the criteria
 are for acceptance in RockNet; Bob Skinner
 reiterated Bob Ekman's criteria as discussed
 in May meeting that (a) organization must be
 geographically located in Rockville; (b)
 provides substantial service to citizens of
 Rockville; (c) draws participation from

      B.   Glennon Harrison discussed article
 on what went wrong with Charlotte's Web - will
 provide copies to group as a "heads up."

      C.   Bob Ekman reported that
 "RockNet.Org" does work, URL has been added.
 Stated that political questionnaire has
 received few hits and must be publicized more.

      D.   Roald Schrack requested expert
 network assistance to hook up donated
 computers to Internet access at Senior Center;
 Bob Skinner volunteered to go with Roald to
 the Senior Center but this will have to
 include Dave Mays.  Glennon Harrison indicated
 he would check with Dave Mays.

      E.   Jane Jacobs reported she is
 proceeding with Wheel Knowledge presentation
 for Mayor and Council; conferencing software
 study by John Herman - "Webboard" and "Big
 Mouth Lion" possibilities.  Jane leans to
 "Webboard."  Bob Skinner recommended they make
 sure software can capture history.

      F.   Randy Gentry received group's
 concurrence to invite Richard Thorpe,
 Technical Educational Center, to September

      G.   Bob Skinner reported on meeting with
 Lloyd Welter, Hungerford-Stoneridge Civic
 Association, and their interest in putting
 together a Web page.  Group agreed listing of
 ISP addresses should be provided - "The List"
 - but groups cannot update their pages.
 Suggestion made to provide "update drop box"
 for pages needing updating.

      H.   Discussion on Karla Breitbach,
 City's new Webmaster, and how RockNet can best
 utilize her services:

           1.   RockNet is to have ten hours
                per week of Karla's services:
                group agreed she should be
                given realistic tasks to
                complete at her own pace.

           2.   Group agreed that Bob Ekman
                should meet with Karla to
                provide RockNet orientation and

           3.   Bob Ekman stated primary
                tasking for Karla should be
                improving Internet Information
                Services infrastructure as this
                will benefit both City and
                RockNet.  Bob Skinner agreed to
                talk to Julia Novak about
                bringing Bob Ekman into the
                picture; Thomas E. Thomas
                agreed to let Julia know.

           4.   Group agreed that future
                tasking for Karla should
                involve developing the
                community network.

      Meeting adjourned at 10:00 p.m.