RockNet Home Page   RockNet Meeting Minutes - July 10, 1997
                         July 10, 1997

      The meeting was called to order by Bob Skinner at 7:40 p.m.
 In attendance were Bob Dorsey, Bob Ekman, Randy Gentry, Jane
 Jacobs, Glennon Harrison, Stan Klein, Gail Wisan Muren, Barbara
 Skinner, Bob Skinner, and Thomas E. Thomas.

      Minutes of the June 12, 1997, meeting were read and

      A.   General discussion about City's Webmaster position,
 criteria, interview process, interview questions, etc.

      B.   Bob Skinner that as yet he had received no word from
 City Attorney Paul Glasgow about Rocknet's incorporation; Bob
 will check with Mr. Glasgow this week.

      C.   Status of domain name:  InterNIC refused us again, this
 time on the basis of an unregistered DNS.  Asked SAILOR people to
 talk to InterNIC directly, since bone of contention was their

      D.   Jane Jacobs asked the group what Rocknet's
 participation might be in the proposed community innovation
 support center/"wheel knowledge" project with which she is
 involved.  Resolution proposed by Robert W. Skinner:

      "Resolved that Rocknet will provide technical support and
      the use of some space that is not allocated at this time."

      Resolution seconded by Gail Muren Wisan; approved
 unanimously.  Jane will arrange a task force meeting of Rocknet
 members interested in working with the support center.

      Meeting adjourned at 9:30 p.m.