RockNet Home Page   RockNet Meeting Minutes - May 8, 1997
                         May 8, 1997

     The meeting was called to order by Bob Skinner at 7:48 p.m.
In attendance were Bob Dorsey, Randy Gentry, Glennon Harrison,
John Herman, Jane Jacobs, Stan Klein, Dave Mays, Gail Wisan
Muren, Roald Schrack, Barbara Skinner, Bob Skinner, and Thomas E.

     Minutes of the April 10, 1997, meeting were read and

     A.   Glennon Harrison asked that his name and that of Bob
Dorsey be included as Ex Officio members of the Board of
Directors as it appears on Rocknet's Web page.  There was no
objection to this request.

     B.   Discussion of City's budget hearings determined:

          1.   City clerk to be called to put Rocknet's name on
               list of speakers;

          2.   John Herman as Treasurer will present statement on
               behalf of Rocknet at hearings on June 2, 1997,
               coordinating his testimony with Dave Mays;

          3.   Rocknet statement should include group's support
               of City's hiring of Webmaster, the amount of
               financial support Rocknet is seeking, and a
               correlation between Rocknet's goals and the
               positive economic impact Rocknet will have on
               Rockville and its citizens (such as Vitro and
               Tracor asking to be linked into Rocknet, and the
               fact that Rocknet members have helped put City on

          4.   Statement should be about 1-1/2 pages, single
               spaced, with adequate copies made to provide to
               Mayor, Council, Clerk, reporters, etc;

          5.   List of issues not addressed in the formal
               presentation during the budget hearing should be
               given to Council members so that they have the
               opportunity to raise them at their discretion;

          6.   Meeting will be held on Thursday, May 15, 1997, to
               discuss draft of Rocknet presentation (which
               should be e-mailed to group prior to 15th) -
               attendees to include Randy Gentry, John Herman,
               Dave Mays, Bob Skinner, Gail Wisan Muren.

     C.   Discussion about City's Webmaster and shared resource
usage between City and Rocknet:

          1.   Difference between City's proposed job
               description/usage of Webmaster and Rocknet's

          2.   Need for City's Personnel Department to define
               Webmaster job description;

          3.   Once City has defined Webmaster position, need for
               Rocknet work session to concentrate on its
               requirements and communicate that information
               through Julia Novack to the City;

          4.   John Herman will secure job description and
               provide to Thomas E. Thomas;

          5.   Bob Skinner to locate other job descriptions, such
               as through "DC.Jobs" and "Monsterboard.Com."

     D.   As a result of a request for clarification of
previously discussed policy, the following resolution was

          Move that Rocknet will provide the following capability
          to political candidates:  a menu consisting of an
          alphabetical listing of candidates by office with each
          name to be a link to one megabyte of disk space, the
          content of which is to be defined by each candidate,
          and containing HTML, text and graphics supplied by each
          candidate, with two subsequent updates allowed, one on
          September 1, 1997, and one on October 1, 1997.

          Provision of this capability is conditional on what
Dave Mays finds out about using City's hardware for this purpose.
There is also to be a disclaimer that Rocknet is not responsible
for the content provided by the candidates (Bob Skinner to check
Davis).  Candidates may provide links to whatever non-RockNet web
pages they desire.

     E.   Contributions were collected by the Treasurer to
purchase the domain name of "RockNet.Org."  Technical contact to
be Dave Mays; administrative contact to be Bob Skinner or Bob
Ekman; addresses and names of two domain name servers pointing to
the "RockNet.Org" web server and pages must also be provided on
the form.

     F.   Roald Schrack, on behalf of the Technology Action Group
of Imagine Rockville, asked what that group can do to be of
assistance/help to Rocknet.

     G.   John Herman compiled information about web conferencing
software; Rocknet should make some selection before City

     H.   Stan Klein will e-mail threaded discussion information
to Bob Skinner.

     I.   Jane Jacobs made a presentation on her interest and
involvement in an innovative creativity center for community
networking and proposed RockNet participation at the Blacksburg
Electronic Village meeting on May 29.

     Meeting was adjourned at 9:45 p.m.