RockNet Home Page   RockNet Meeting Minutes - March 19, 1997
                   March 19, 1997

     The meeting was called to order by Bob
Skinner at 7:35 p.m.  In attendance were Bob
Ekman, John Herman, Stan Klein, David Mays, Roald
Schrack, Barbara Skinner, Bob Skinner, and Thomas
E. Thomas.  Also present was Chris Medley.

     Minutes of the February 13, 1997, meeting
were read and approved.

A.   Roald Schrack asked for Rocknet volunteers to
     participate as part of the technology action
     team at the Rockville Vision Action Fair on
     April 12 and 13 at City Hall, with an eye to
     recruiting visitors at the Fair for both the
     Vision program and Rocknet.  Bob Ekman, John
     Herman, and Bob Skinner volunteered.

B.   Bob Skinner reported on his meeting with City
     Attorney Paul Glasgow with regard to
     organizational requirements.  Two things
     needed:  a charter, which Mr. Glasgow will
     prepare; and a list of names, addresses, and
     telephone numbers of the members of Rocknet's
     Board of Directors.  Because of a perception
     of conflict of interest, no City Council
     members should be on the Board.  Board must
     be comprised of at least five voting members.

     Discussion resulted in the following:

     1.   Glennon Harrison and Bob Dorsey to be ex
          officio members of Board of Directors;

     2.   Membership of Board of Directors as of
          August 1, 1996, meeting of Randy Gentry,
          John Herman, Gail Wisan Muren, and
          Barbara Goldstein confirmed;

     3.   John Herman nominated Bob Skinner for
          Board membership with voting privileges;
          seconded by Bob Ekman; vote unanimous;

     4.   Stan Klein and Bob Ekman added as
          members of Board (nominated by Roald
          Schrack, seconded by John Herman; vote

     5.   With no other nominations and no further
          discussion, vote cast approved Board
           structure unanimously; and

     6.   Board membership consists of the

          Bob Ekman           Stan Klein
          Randy Gentry        Gail Wisan Muren
          Barbara Goldstein   Bob Skinner
          John Herman

          Ex Officio:    Glennon Harrison, Bob

C.   Discussion then followed concerning officers
     of Rocknet:

     1.   Bob Skinner nominated John Herman for
          Treasurer, seconded by Bob Ekman; vote

     2.   Secretary:  Barbara Skinner, as voted on
          in meeting of August 1, 1996;

     3.   Vice President:  Bob Ekman

     4.   Gavel turned over to John Herman, who
          nominated Bob Skinner for President,
          seconded by Bob Ekman.

          There being no other nominations, vote
          was taken, unanimous.

     5.   Rocknet officers:

          President:          Bob Skinner
          Vice President:     Bob Ekman
          Treasurer:          John Herman
          Secretary:          Barbara Skinner

D.   Stan Klein moved that the President and
     Treasurer be authorized to establish a bank
     account upon Rocknet's incorporation;
     seconded by Bob Ekman.  Vote taken,
     unanimous.  Balance sheet (Form 1023) given
     to Treasurer.

E.   Chris Medley presented a draft of a brochure
     for Rocknet, saying she had a concept but
     needed help with contents; wanted group to
     review text.  Group agreed that address on
     brochure should be "Rocknet, 111 Maryland
     Avenue, Rockville, MD 20850-2364" and Bob
     Ekman would be the focus point on the
     brochure.  Suggestion made to distribute
     Rocknet brochure at Vision Action Fair.

F.   Stan Klein reported on threaded group
     software, e.g. Perl Script.

G.   Bob Ekman brought up subject of domain names:
     "" exists but is occupied by
     the City;  suggestion made to ask City for
     funding in order to buy ""

H.   John Herman:  project priority for funding -
     ask for input, particularly as it relates to
     fund raising, including membership fees.

Meeting adjourned at 9:15 p.m.