RockNet Home Page   RockNet Meeting Minutes - February 13, 1997
                       February 13, 1997

     The meeting was called to order by Bob Skinner at 7:35 p.m.
In attendance were Bob Ekman, Randy Gentry, Glennon Harrison, John
Herman, Stan Klein, Gail Wisan Muren, Roald Schrack, Barbara
Skinner, Bob Skinner, and Thomas E. Thomas.

     Minutes of the January 9, 1997, meeting were read and approved.

     A.   Report by Gail Muren on contacts with student
service-learning coordinators at Richard Montgomery and Wooten
High Schools.

     1.   Richard Montgomery coordinator recommended that Rocknet
     get certification as an approved agency through the
     Montgomery County Volunteer Center so that students would
     not have to deal with paper work.

     2.   Wooten coordinator asked for a information brochure
     about Rocknet and about Rocknet's non-profit status.

     Discussion then followed on Rocknet's need to advertise to
reach volunteers and to have some kind of brochure.  The name of
Chris Medley was suggested; it was agreed that Bob Ekman would
contact her.  Gail Muren and Bob Ekman will coordinate on a
brochure and identify specific tasks.

     B.   Roald Schrack reported that from the mailing of 50
questionnaires, 3 civic associations have responded so far.

     C.   Discussion about membership fees, fees for
"registration" of discussion groups:  group not unanimous that
fees are appropriate; discussion group registration fees to be
paid up front.  Glennon Harrison will check with MAIN and Santa
Monica and at next meeting will present possible dues
structure(s), perhaps in-kind at corporate level and cash fees.

     D.   Bob Ekman asked if the group as a whole wanted to
oversee contents of Web pages or if he and Roald Schrack should
monitor content.  Consensus was that Bob and Roald should monitor

     E.   Suggestion was made the Rocknet apply to the City for
$20,000 to use as remuneration for a Webmaster, who could possibly
moderate threaded discussion groups.  During discussion, Bob
Skinner asked Stan Klein to identify and make a list of threaded
discussion software possibilities.

     F.   Thomas E. Thomas reported that Web pages are to be
tested starting tomorrow.  Discussion about Rocknet's address let
to the possibility of paying for a second address, such as

     G.   Presentation by Randy Gentry on TIIAP Grant "Talking