RockNet Home Page   RockNet Meeting Minutes - October 10, 1996

                             October 10, 1996

     The meeting was called to order by Bob Skinner at 7:37 p.m. 
In attendance were Bob Ekman, Randy Gentry, Bob Dorsey, Glennon
Harrison, Stan Klein, David Mays, Gail Wisan Muren, Barbara
Skinner, Bob Skinner, and Thomas E. Thomas.

     The minutes of the meeting of September 12, 1996, were read
and approved.  

I.   Presentation by David Mays re COR/Rocknet Internet Services

     A.   Internet access will be provided by Sailor, will be ISP

     B.   Point of access will be the County's data center, direct
          fiber optic connection through the library

     C.   Sailor at 10% utilization

     D.   Sailor router

     E.   E/mail - POP3 accounts to be administered by Rocknet

     F.   Time line calls for January/February implementation

     G.   Domain name will be "Ci.Rockville.Md.US"

II.  Discussion of Draft Rocknet Style Guide and Policy Statement
                           for Content Providers
     This matter to be divided into three areas of consideration: 
Policy, Administration and Style.

     A.   Policy


          1.   All policy matters are to be referred to the Board
               of Directors for decision.

          2.   Discussion re legal responsibility of Rocknet for
               material from Content Providers:  disclaimers, etc.
               - check on Boulder site  


          3.   Initial free Web page site:  200,000 bytes [Glennon
               remembers this as 1 megabyte - please comment / Bob

          4.   Fees and/or charges (who, how, what) - referred to
               membership/fundraising group for discussion

          5.   No pass-through of advertising by non-profit

          6.   No re-sale of access permitted

          7.   Passwords issued to individuals, not to groups
          8.   Non-profit organizations can promote political
               causes but not individual candidates

          9.   Individual political candidates encouraged to put
               up their own Web pages
     B.   Administration

          1.   Glennon Harrison to obtain GSA guidelines in
               creating/managing Web pages

          2.   Moderator from Rocknet with Webmaster team to check
               page content - discussion re paid Webmaster, 
               perhaps intern

          3.   Develop code and examine all pages periodically to
               remove those which are stale as indicated by date
               comment in HTML script

     C.   Style

          1.   Roald Schrack to continue to develop positive style

III. General Discussion

     A.   Glennon Harrison, Randy Gentry:  we need documents
          telling how Sailor is used

     B.   Randy Gentry:  City's time line of January/February will
                         blend well with new semester at MC - he
                         will get in touch with Brian Davis 

     C.   Bob Skinner:   There is a need to explore ways of
                         finding some money in order, among other
                         things, to reimburse a paid "webmaster."

     D.   Glennon Harrison:   Need nonprofit status

     E.   Stan Klein:    We need legal opinion re our liability re
                         content of any offensive, obscene, etc.,
                         web pages

          Bob Skinner:   There are serious legal issues which need
                         to be reviewed

          Glennon Harrison:   Issue will be discussed by Board

     Meeting adjourned at 9:30 p.m.