RockNet Home Page   RockNet Meeting Minutes - August 1, 1996

               August 1, 1996

The meeting came to order at 7:38.  In
attendance were Robert Dorsey, Randy Gentry,
Glennon Harrison, John Herman, Sima Osdoby-
Katz, Roald Schrack, Barbara Skinner, Robert
Skinner, Thomas E. Thomas, and Gail Wisan. 
Bob Skinner, having agreed to be Executive
Director, led the meeting.

General discussion included:

     a.   New list server to be provided by
          Paul Baker; Glennon Harrison
          announced that Potomac Knowledgeway
          has also offered a list server,
          which would be somewhat more public
          than that offered by Paul Baker. 
          Consensus was to use service
          provided by Paul Baker.

     b.   Bob Skinner announced that Sima
          Osdoby had indicated she would be
          pleased to serve as head of
          membership/consumer services

     c.   John Herman made inquiry about list
          of attendees at first meeting at
          Civic Center.  Thomas E. Thomas said
          Julie Novak had the sign-up sheet;
          he would arrange with her to provide
          a copy of the sign-up sheet.

     d.   Discussion about technical standards
          resulted in Bob Skinner and Glennon
          Harrison agreeing to serve on
          committee, with Bob Skinner being
          contact point, until "better person
          comes along."

     e.   Discussion re increasing

          1.   Contacting Capital PC Users

          2.   Announcements in Gazette,
               Rockville Reports, City's Web
               Page; City press releases; MIX.

     f.   Bob Dorsey, as Outreach and External
          Coordination point of contact, to
          check into various options, working
          with Sima Osdoby-Katz.  Check with
          Laurie Moloney re training

     g.   Randy Gentry to work on press
          releases, agreed to be point of
          contact for outreach "for the time

     h.   John Herman agreed to be point of
          contact for fund raising; ultimately
          it was agreed that membership and
          fund raising should be regarded as a
          joint project, with Sima Osdoby-Katz
          and Randy Gentry working with John
          Herman, who also agreed to overview
          responsibility from practicality

     f.   Discussion re creation of group's
          web page:

          1.   Glennon Harrison indicated he
               had an upcoming meeting with Steve Cain, a
               Montgomery College dean; Gail
               Wisan suggested the College
               might be willing to endorse
               project through a class; she
               agreed to check at Montgomery
               College, possibly enlisting
               student aid - perhaps for
               student's credit

          2.   Thomas E. Thomas said Julia was
               working on a logo for the
               group; he would check her

          3.   John Herman indicated he had
               volunteer(s), access to
               authorizing tools, inventory of

          4.   Thomas E. Thomas indicated City
               had space for group's web page,
               suggested it be a subdirectory
               accessible only for group to
               work on, not general public;
               Bob Skinner suggested that
               Thomas be given fully coded
               text, asked that Thomas give
               group a list of what would be
               needed technically to set up a
               subdirectory.  Questions raised
               about security of City's web
               page, access to group's

          5.   Names suggested as having
               potential web page technical
                    Marshall Fisher
                    Bob Ekman
                    Ken Firestone
                    Stan Klein

          6.   Randy Gentry suggested web page
               include vision/mission
               statement, list of committees,
               points of contact

     g.   Discussion re survey:  Gail Wisan to

Summary by Bob Skinner of agreements reached:

     a.   Technical standards subcommittee: 
          John Herman, Glennon Harrison, Bob
          Skinner as point of contact.

     b.   Membership committee\fund raising
          committee:  Sima Osdoby-Katz, Randy
          Gentry, John Herman, Sima Osdoby-
          Katz as point of contact.

     c.   Content/outreach committee:  Roald
          Schrack,  John Herman, Gail Wisan,
          Glennon Harrison, Bob Dorsey, Randy
          Gentry, Laurie Maloney, with Roald
          Schrack as point of contact

     d.   Committees to work via list server
          and report back to full group on
          August 22, 1996.  [now delayed at least
          one week]

Board of Directors nominated, consisting of
Bob Dorsey, Glennon Harrison, Randy Gentry,
John Herman. Gail Wisan, Barbara Goldstein, and
several persons to be named later, with Bob Skinner
as non-voting member.  Nomination moved,
seconded, approved.

Barbara Skinner nominated as recording
secretary, nomination moved, seconded,
approved, with proviso from Ms. Skinner that
she is not responsible for minutes of

Suggestion made to have regular meetings
scheduled for third Thursday of the month. 
Thomas E. Thomas will check on availability of
a meeting room at City Hall on a regular

Meeting adjourned at 10:15 p.m.