RockNet Home Page   RockNet Meeting Minutes - September 8, 2005


September 8, 2005

Meeting opened at 7:40 pm in the City Manager's Conference room.

In attendance were: Roald Schrack, Mary Alice McDonough, Pat Nucci, Betsy Robbins, Mike Cannon, Bob Ekman, and Carol Nicolas

1. Minutes of August 11were accepted without change.

2. Betsy reported that the Rockville website received 3059 visits/day in August and that Rocknet received 597 visits/day. The approved budget has been placed on the city website as well as a link to emergency preparedness.

3. Bob Ekman reported on Rocknet related events. For some reason the Rockville Housing Enterprise website is not reachable by computers at the Rockville Housing Enterprise although other computers can reach it. He suspects it is some setting on the Rockville Housing Enterprise computers. There was a discussion of Election additions to Rocknet. There was an extended discussion of the possible addition of a calendar to the Rocknet website covering the format, scope, and oversight.

4. There was a discussion of the webcam operation covering the Town Center construction site. Betsy has set up an animated version on the city intranet system. The was a discussion of the possibility of putting it on Rocknet.

5. The Wi-Fi operation at the Regal theater was discussed. Range of signal, and level of usage were topics.

6. Pat Nucci about his unsuccessful attempts to get high school student help. He indicated his citizens association is considering getting professional help with their web pages.

7. The city will offer an emergency alert system to citizens that will deliver messages to any text receiver such as cell phones, email, PDA, etc.

The meeting closed at 9:20 PM

Report submitted by:

Roald A. Schrack