RockNet Home Page   RockNet Meeting Minutes - June 9, 2005


June 9, 2005

Meeting opened at 7:40 PM.

In attendance were: Roald Schrack, Brian Pierce, Mary Alice McDonough, James Beller, Pat Nucci, Art Casanova, Betsy Robbins, Mike Cannon, Bob Ekman, and Stan Klein.

1.  Minutes of May 12 were accepted without change.

2.  Betsy Robbins reported on City Web services. Rockville had 3426 average visits per day. Rocknet had 594 average visits per day. Hometown Holidays Saturday was the most active day of the month and the page on the festivities attracted the most visits. Town Center art entries were placed on the web. The Mayor and Council minutes from 1982- 1993 were scanned and are available on the web in PDF format. Swim Center information and progress of the Twinbrook Neighborhood Plan is being posted on the web as a means of communicating with the community.

3.  Bob Ekman reported on Rocknet related events. He told about some changes on the Lyris list serve system that has corrected some of the problems experienced earlier. Betsy asked about setting up a sports list serve. There was an extended discussion of Spam and its impact on email. The Rockshire website has been set up with Pat Nucci as its administrator. Bob had a request from the "My Community" website to be listed on Rocknet. Bob felt that there was no apparent focus on Rockville by the website so action was deferred. Equipment donated for the Regal WiFi hotspot has not arrived yet. There was some discussion of tax responsibilities of Rocknet with respect to the donated hardware. The work on the roof of the Victoria apartments has not interfered with the operation of the webcam yet. It is expected that there will be a relocation of the webcam soon. Bob has found a time lapse Java applet that he thinks might be usable for the webcam. It nicely blends from one image to another but the minimum cycle time is 1 second. The question of the coming November election was raised. How extensive should Rocknet coverage be? This will be taken up again in August.

4.  It was decided that the next meeting should take place on July 21. The August meeting to be determined then.

The meeting closed at 9:20 pm.

Report submitted by:

Roald A. Schrack