RockNet Home Page   RockNet Meeting Minutes - May 12, 2005


May 12, 2005

Meeting opened at 7:40 PM.

In attendance were: Pat Nucci, Federico Tamayo, Frank Samuelson, Mary Alice McDonough, Sian Oei, Art Casanova, Jonathan Walker, Stan Klein, Mike Cannon, Betsy Robbins, Bob Ekman.

1.  Minutes of April meeting accepted without change.

2.  Betsy Robbins reported on the City web services.  Rockville had 2906 average visits per day.  Rocknet had 678 average visits per day.  Betsy reported on recent additions to the Rockville site: Hometown Holiday events and Twinbrook Neighborhood Plan.

3.  Bob Ekman reported on the RockNet services.  There is still a problem with Lyris resolving certain domain names.  It occurs mostly with personal domains, not the general public domains.

4.  Mike Cannon reported that the City's carpenters have a plan to reset the webcam on the Victoria Condominium's roof.  There continues to be discussion of a second camera.  The second camera could be adjusted by site reviewers and coordinators.

5.  Jonathan Walker reported on the Wireless Internet Working Group. They conducted a site survey of the Regal Row.  They have decided to locate an access point near the outside speakers at Giuseppi's.  REDI has been contacted about using their Internet connection, with an appropriate firewall.  Donated equipment has been ordered but will not be ready for Hometown Holidays.  A meeting of the subcommittee is planned for next week.

6.  Jonathan reported that the Wireless committee collected about 100 surveys at Rockville Science Day.  They were also able to collect several good video testimonies.  They are planning to collect more surveys at Hometown Holidays.  Bob thanked the committee for their exhibit and staffing effort.

7.  Of interest to the group: "Observing Technology" is a CPCUG-sponsored  TV show on Montgomery Community Television, channel 21.


The meeting adjourned at 9:00 pm.

Report submitted by:

Robert Ekman