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February 10, 2005

Meeting opened at 8:00 PM.

In attendance were Bob Ekman, Roald Schrack, Jim Beller, Mary Alice McDonough, Jonathan Walker, Patricia Puglis, Stan Klein, Betsy Robbins, and William Armbruster.

1) Draft Minutes of the January meeting were accepted.

2) The City web site put up pictures of the Christmas trees at Glenview Mansion, Camp Schedules, and how Twinbrook Citizens Association assisted victims of the apartment fire. Also posted was an expanded Cultural Arts section and coverage of the City Hall construction work. Betsy presented a session on RockNet at Rockville University which gives an overview of Rockville government for interested citizens. Rocknet received 579 average visits per day in January, up from 505 in December.

3) Bob Ekman reported on the use of the Lyris listserve. West End Civic Assn. Has about 150 email address. They reported about 10% bounces. Their cause is at this point a mystery. There were no manual resets on the Rocknet servers this last month. There was extended discussion of the proper etiquette for a website. If a link takes you to another website should there be an intermediate window that informs the viewer that they are leaving the original website. Should the link come up in a new window? There was no conclusion but future discussion may lead to a decision to change the present practice - no notice is now given if a link takes to another site.

4) There was a discussion of the current field of view of the webcam. Since most construction activity is now on the west side of the Town Center area there is some desire to move the viewing area. Alternatives of a second camera or a wide angle lens for the current camera were discussed. Lack of money precludes a second camera at this time.

5) Jonathan Walker handed out an update on the Rockville Wireless Internet Access Working Group (RWIA). Jonathan listed a number of persons he had talked to that expressed interest in the project. He has also given three slide presentations to 3 citizen groups and has been asked to give a presentation to the Twinbrook Citizens Assn. at their February 22 meeting. Jonathan presented a list of 8 persons he suggested as potential members for the RWIA working group and a list of needed tasks.

6) Bob Ekman reminded us that Science day is April 24. It was suggested that Rocknet might have an exhibit on wireless Internet access.

The meeting adjourned at 9:40 PM

Reported submitted by:

Roald A. Schrack
13 Farsta Court
Rockville, MD 20850