RockNet Home Page   RockNet Meeting Minutes - September 9, 2004


September 9, 2004

The meeting convened at 7:35 pm in the City Manager's Conference Room.

In attendance were: Bob Ekman, Brian Pierce, Betsy Robbins, Art Casanova, and Roald Schrack

1) Lacking a quorum the minutes of the previous meeting were set aside.

2) Rocknet statistics for August were up to 390 average visits per day as compared to 352 average visits per day for July and 375 in June.

3) Betsy Robbins reported that, in preparation for renovations at city hall, the IT department is being temporarily relocated to different buildings around the city. She will probably be located in a building on the Civic Center grounds.

This coming Sunday is the annual Doggy Dip Day at the Rockville pool. The pool will then be closed for the season.

There will be an Arts and Music Festival on Middle Lane on September 18th. This will take the place of Spirit of Rockville Day.

The Rockville 5K and 10K runs will take place on Oct 17.

A Rockville Facilities Rental Portal page is being developed that will provide a central location for those wishing to rent meeting rooms, etc in the many city owned buildings.

4) Bob Ekman reported on the Webcam project. The camera is mounted on the Victoria apartments and successfully transmitting pictures of the work on the Town Center project to city hall. The camera is remotely adjustable and has been used by members of the city staff. The hardware aspects of the project have thus been successfully achieved. Bob described the software system that must now be developed to make the system useful for the Rocknet audience. Software must be developed that will provide a time-lapse sequence of pictures of the work in progress.

5) Roald Schrack submitted material for a web page " Voting in Montgomery County" in English and Spanish.

The meeting adjourned at 9:10 pm

Respectfully submitted,

R. A. Schrack