RockNet Home Page   RockNet Meeting Minutes - January 8, 2004

January 8, 2004 

The meeting opened at 7:35 PM in the City Managerís Conference Room.

Those Present: Stan Klein, Bob Ekman, Brian Pierce, Ben Creitz, Jonathan Walker, Ken Rothermel, Art Casanova, Doug Breisch, Betsy Robbins, Mike Cannon

1.) Betsy gave the City services report:
* The new virtual tour of Civic Center is working.  It will help people see all the features of the center.
* Betsy trained 10 City staff on using the content management system.  This should increase the speed of input and amount of new content.
* A new cultural arts section is being developed with much new content.
* The City is still having problems producing web statistics due to their firewall.

2) Bob Ekman gave the RockNet services report:
* The RockNet visitors were down to 440 per day, but we still had a very good year. Check the statistics web page for charts on our progress.
* Flint Ledge Homeowners Association has started using our DNS service.  Other web authors are considering it. We may need a change in the stats gathering process to include people coming in through the virtual servers.
* Lyris 6.1 is still not installed on the new server.  The SQL Server desktop database engine needs to be upgraded.  The upgrades must be done from system unit and not over the web via RemotelyAnywhere. 
* The old server (rocknet02) continues to have dictionary attacks on the system accounts and passwords, but no break-ins.
* It was suggested we establish processes for handling attacks and break-ins.  We have most of the data from the October break-in, but no plan to do anything with it.  A request was made for suggestions as to what to do.
* The review of links stated in the previous meeting has not started do to the holidays.

3) There was an extensive discussion on wireless Internet access in Rockville.  Doug Breisch commented he had more questions than answers.  The City's responsibility to the wireless Internet was compared to the roads.  At a minimum, we need to protect and coordinate the spectrum.  It was suggested there are 3 layers of access, building tenants, then customer in stores, and finally the free public access open to anyone.  The City should register the emerging hotspots.  We need a feasibility study for the City to support mobile citizens and visitors.

4) Ken Rothermel suggested we look into hosting on the server.  They are providing free hosting if you sign up by January 21.

5) Possible demonstrations by the City at future meetings include their 3D GIS and the content management system.

The meeting adjourned at 9:30

Respectfully submitted

Robert Ekman
524 Carr Ave.
Rockville, MD 20850