RockNet Home Page   RockNet Meeting Minutes - December 11, 2003

December 11, 2003 

The meeting opened at 7:40 PM in the City Managerís Conference Room.

Those Present: Bob Ekman, Roald Schrack, Mike Cannon, Brian Pierce, Jim Beller, Carlos Santiso, Ben Creitz, Jonathan Walker, Ken Rothermel, Stan Klein, Betsy Robbins

1.) Betsy reported:
* Statistics for Rocknet, average visits per day was 531 in November.
* Virtual Tour of Civic Center area available soon showing Mansion, formal gardens, etc that are available for rental.
* Rockville Reports to describe on line checking of permit status.
* A class of 11 staff members will be trained to use content management system so they can update appropriate web pages without assistance of IT staff.

2) Bob Ekman reported:
* DNS has been installed on one of our servers ( so web sites on Rocknet can be found on the internet by using a proprietary URL instead of having to go through the Rocknet URL.
* Lyris 6.1 for listserves is working on Bobís computer and will soon be installed on the Rocknet server. This will greatly expand our capacity to provide listserves to Rockville groups
* Bob asked that members of the board volunteer to check the links on Rocknet. A signup sheet was passed around. Bob will assign pages.

3) Jonathan Walker installs wireless networks locally and has given tutorials on the subject. He gave an introductory description of the opportunities for a Wi-Fi system in and around the Town Center. A spirited and extended discussion followed with the general consensus that the city should move aggressively to plan for a Wi-Fi hotspot in the Town Center.

4) Plans for 2004: A number of areas of activity were discussed including making a pictorial history of the Town Center development and carrying it in Rocknet so the public can follow it.

The meeting adjourned at 9:30

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