RockNet Home Page   RockNet Meeting Minutes - August 14, 2003

                      ROCKNET MEETING MINUTES

                          August 14, 2003

The meeting was called to order at 7:40 pm in the City Manager's Conference
Room in Rockville City Hall.

Present were: Bob Ekman, Telly Whitfield, Roald Schrack, Art Casanova, 
Sally Sternbach, Stan Klein, Betsy Robbins, Mike Cannon, Brian Pierce

1. Minutes of prior meeting accepted with minor revisions.

2. Betsy Robbins reported on Rockville and Rocknet websites and distributed 
statistics for the two sites. Visits to Rockville website slightly down 
from 2654 in June to 2610 in July (but the decline is well within 
statistics and thus not meaningful, 261051 vs 265452). Visits to the 
Rocknet website were 45521 in July vs 44221 in June. Again, not a 
meaningful change. Rockville site added Red Gate Golf Course registrations 
for tee times through the commercial site There was a 
discussion of relative use of the internet vs national average. In 2001, 
84% of Rockville residents had internet access, in 2003 this grew to 89% 
access. This access level is about 10% above the national average. The URL 
for the Rockville site has been  In conformity with 
all other cities. Now the URL will also work and is 
probably easier for most people to remember. The city has a backup power 
system in case Pepco fails.

3. Bob Ekman distributed new background material on Wi-Fi. Sally Sternbach
of Greater Rockville Partnership discussed possible impact of a Wi-Fi 
hotspot in the Town Center comparing it to the effort made in New York City 
to enhance the attractiveness of Bryant Park (42nd Street and 6th Avenue).  
She suggested that Rocknet contact the Chamber of Commerce.

4. Mike Cannon reported on the second day of the Baltimore broadband 

5. Telly Whitfield told about city efforts to foster community and 
introduced Art Casanova of The Alliance of Rockville Neighborhood 
Associations (ARNA).  David Hill is going to develop a website for ARNA. 
There will be Leadership workshop on October 11 and a Neighborhood 
Conference on September 25.

6. Rocknet will be getting the Lyris 6.1 for its listserve software.

The meeting adjourned at 9:30 pm.

Respectfully submitted,

Roald A. Schrack
13 Farsta Ct.
Rockville, MD 20850
voice: 301-279-7017
fax: 301-279-8889