RockNet Home Page   RockNet Meeting Minutes - April 10, 2003

                      ROCKNET MEETING MINUTES
                          April 10, 2003

The meeting was held in the City Manager's Conference room at City Hall.
The meeting convened at 7:35 pm.

In attendance: Brian Pierce, Ben Pauwels, Roald Schrack, Stan Klein, 
Betsy Robbins, Bob Ekman, and Jim Beller.

1) After minor corrections, the minutes of the previous meeting were accepted.

2) Betsy Robbins reported on the City Website:
  a) Hometown Holidays information is now on the website.
  b) The expanded Historic section will be up in the coming week.
  c) Content Management of the website will be researched in the near future. 
     It will help city departments make changes to the part of the website 
     that covers their departments.
  d) During last month the Rockville City site averaged 2492 visits per day and 
     Rocknet averaged 424 visits per day.
  e) The City Annual Financial Report for the last three years was posted for 
     the first time.
  f) The complete city budget for FY04 will be available online.

3) There was discussion of the hosting of the New Mark Commons website. Roald 
   Schrack will assist.

4) Rocknet is still on the old server.

5) There was an extended discussion of the options available on the Lyris 
   listserve program. Bob Ekman passed out screen shots of the options pages.

6) There was a discussion of the forthcoming Science day exhibit.

The meeting adjourned at 9:30 pm

Respectfully submitted,

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  13 Farsta Ct.
  Rockville, MD 20850
  voice: 301-279-7017
  fax:   301-279-8889