RockNet Home Page   RockNet Meeting Minutes - October 10, 2002

                     ROCKNET MEETING MINUTES

                        October 10, 2002

The meeting was held in the City Manager's Conference room.  It was called
to order at 7:50 pm.

In attendance were: Stan Klein, Jim Beller, Bob Ekman, Betsy Robbins, 
Matt B., Mike Cannon, and Susan Phillips.

1. The minutes of September 12 were accepted as presented.

2. Betsy Robbins reported on the Rockville City Internet server.
 * There many new postings on City services and activities
 * More forms have been added along with information on City mediation service.
 * A concern was expressed for additional content management on the ever expanding
   City web site.
 * A new front page is planned for the City's web site.  We will run a focus group
   at our November 8 meeting on the City's web site and new front page.

3. Bob Ekman reported on RockNet site developments.
 * RockNet had an average of 313 visitors a day in September.  With all the news
   from Rockville, it is thought the count will go up in October.
 * There were several minor changes in the RockNet and community pages.

4. Matt B. from Cambridge Walk was welcomed and thanked for his help.

5. Bob Ekman reported on the status of the new RockNet server.  The problems noted
earlier are now thought to be the work of a hacker.  The server has been completely
reinstalled and reconfigured.  We now have significantly better security, including
a firewall and antivirus software.  We still have several important end user services
to bring online, but progress is being made.

6. There was a discussion on new services that could be provided by RockNet.  
RockNet could investigate converting its server to a Linux based system and
run Microsoft Windows on top.  This would provide more security and flexibility
to run multiple systems.  We could help the City establish similar systems in
a partnership experiment.  The suggestion was to install VMware Server GSX.
The concept could be added to the next budget request.

The meeting closed at 9:10 pm.

Respectfully submitted:

  Robert Ekman
  524 Carr Ave.
  Rockville, MD 20850