RockNet Home Page   RockNet Meeting Minutes - August 8, 2002

                     ROCKNET MEETING MINUTES

                          August 8, 2002

The meeting was held in the City Manager's Conference room.

The meeting was called to order at 7:32 pm.

In attendance were: Brian Pierce, Stan Klein, Jim Beller, Bob Ekman, Betsy
Robbins, Ben Pauwels, Art Casanova, and Telly Whitfield.

1. The minutes of July 11 were accepted with minor revisions.

2. Betsy Robbins reported on the Rockville City Internet server.
 * Information has been posted on the Spirit of Rockville, September 28, in 
   the Town Center.
 * The City is planning to televise Mayor and Council work sessions and 
   Planning Commission meetings. The Web site will have the schedule.
 * The Charter Review Committee information is being added.
 * WebTrends was purchased for web site log analysis.
 * Work is progressing on the search engine (Index Service).
 * Traffic and Transportation department web pages have been added.

3. Bob Ekman reported on Rocknet site developments.
 * RockNet had an average of 347 visitors a day.
 * An NTList list server has been set up for the Charter Review Commission
 * Continuous cleanup and additions have been made to the web pages.

4. Bob Ekman reported on the progress of the new server.  The system had been 
all but prepared for production, when the hard drive failed.  As soon as it is
repaired, we will try again.

5. Notes on the change to Lyris List Manager have been sent to the current 
NTList mailing lists.  After some recent mailings with virus attachments,
it would be advisable to ask Lyris on protection software.

6. Telly Whitfield, a City Neighborhood Resource Coordinator, participated
in the meeting.  He will promote RockNet as a neighborhood resource and to 
help create community identity.

7. Jim Beller indicated there was no news from the State or IRS on property tax.

8. Art Casanova from the Victoria Condominium Association was welcomed.

9. RockNet has received two requests to include Aspen Hill organizations on
our web site.  Discussion ensued. It was suggested we add a explanation that
a Rockville mailing address does not mean you are in the City.  A decision
was tabled.

10. Bob Ekman reported there was no progress on the broadband seminar, but the
idea was still viable.

11. Jim Beller reconfirmed that he would review the emergency numbers and other
material on the RockNet Health web pages and get corrections back to Bob Ekman.

The meeting closed at 9:11pm.

Respectfully submitted:

  Robert Ekman
  524 Carr Ave.
  Rockville, MD 20850