RockNet Home Page   RockNet Meeting Minutes - September 13, 2001

                     ROCKNET MEETING MINUTES

                         September 13, 2001

The meeting convened in the City Manager's Conference Room of Rockville City
Hall at 7:30 PM

In attendance:
  Bob Ekman
  Roald Schrack
  Brian Pierce
  Mike Cannon

1. The minutes of the Aug 9 meeting were presented but since there was not
a quorum, they could not be accepted.

2. Rock Enroll was initiated on August 22. Since then 20% of Recreation
Department registrations are handled online. This includes the telephone
Interactive Voice Response system as well as the website. The swim center
is not yet included because the Mayor and Council had to approve a change
in accounting for Swim Center income to be included in the General Fund. It
is expected that the online registration system use will increase greatly
as time goes on and the public discovers the advantages.

3. Rocknet average hits per day averaged 478 in August. This is a 30%
increase over the daily average in July. It is not understood why there was
such a significant increase.  Various improvements were made during the
last month to the election information site. The ability to look up the new
Rockville voting district has been implemented and a map link has been
Information about the availability of the digital camera will be put on the

4. Mike Cannon presented the findings of a commercial firm that was hired
to make an extensive investigation of the security of the City website and
the Rocknet Website. Mike feels relatively confident now that the servers
are well protected against unwanted intrusion.

5. The financial situation of our internet service provider CapUNet was
discussed. It will probably be necessary to find an alternative provider in
the near future. Mike suggested that a T1 line might become available
through StarPower. This change would require a different IP address but an
increase in bandwidth from about 1. Mb/sec to 1.5 Mb/sec.

6. Bob Ekman discussed briefly the possibility of a training class in web
page production. It was felt that a total of 6 hours should be sufficient
but it was not clear whether 3 two hour evening sessions during the week
would be better than 2 three hour weekend sessions. A survey of possible
users preference was considered.

The meeting adjourned about 9:15 pm

Submitted on September 14, 2001 by
  Roald A. Schrack
  13 Farsta Ct.
  Rockville, MD 20850
  voice: 301-279-7017
  fax:   301-279-8889