RockNet Home Page   RockNet Meeting Minutes - July 9, 2009


July 9, 2009

The meeting convened in the Blue Crab Room of City Hall at 7:40pm.

In attendance: Bob Ekman, Brian Pierce, Mary Alice McDonough, Betsy Robbins, and Roald Schrack.

1. The minutes of the June meeting were not available.

2. Betsy reported on City on-line services. They posted several special events, the Thomas Farms Community Center, and some speed camera data.  They are working on posting the budget reports and a voter list for the upcoming City elections. Betsy presented statistics on the City's site for June

3. Bob reported on the RockNet web site and other services. Tower Oaks has an administrator, Steve Maroon, who is now working on their web site.  Hayden Brown is reviving the College Square web site.  Bob presented statistics on the RockNet site for June. June page requests were 41,709 (1390/day), versus May 33,132 (1069/day).  In May there was an 18 hour outage, but several days statistics were lost.

4. The webcam was discussed.  As the new court house goes up, the communications may be broken.  The camera images could be used to boost the use of the town center square if it was repositioned, possibly to the VisArts rooftop.

5. There was a request to try again to reach out to community groups to host their web site on our web server system.

6. Mary Alice has continued taking pictures for the new RockNet web site. We would like to feature a series of pictures in a slideshow off the home page.

7. There was a discussion on potential new projects.  We could have a focus area on environmental issues, green links, and recycling.

8. Bob suggested we cancel the meeting on August 13.  A decision will be made in a week or two and notices will be sent.

The meeting concluded at 9:00pm.

Submitted by Bob Ekman