RockNet Home Page   RockNet Meeting Minutes - March 12, 2009


March 12, 2009

The meeting convened in the Blue Crab Room of City Hall at 7:40.

In attendance: Bob Ekman, Brian Pierce, Mary Alice McDonough, Jonathan Walker, Betsy Robbins, Roald Schrack, and Carol Nicholas.

The minutes of the last meeting (February 12) were read and accepted.

1. Betsy reported on City on-line services. We now have video on demand. New information and a schedule will be out soon. The budget is in PDF.

2. Bob reported on the RockNet web site and other services.

3. It was discussed about getting involved with community outreach. It would be good to get neighborhood associationís websites. To put these on our website. This could be a very nice way to get the community connected with each other. (Note: Carol spoke to Hjarman Cordero and he will be happy to work and talk with us. In May he will visit with us.)

4. Mary Alice is taking pictures and brought some for us to see. Taking pictures of the community was discussed.

5. Bob gave us some statistics. They were:

Monthly Report (highest to lowest)
November, October, January, September, March.
It was suggested that due to the holidays and different events this may be the reason for these statistics.

Search query report (highest to lowest) top 5:
Rockville concert band                    192 requests
New mark commons                         101 requests
Md. State Rep.                                   97 requests
Rocknet                                             81 requests
New mark commons Rockville Md   58 requests

Search query Report (highest to lowest) least 5:
Rockville community band           17 requests
New mark commons Rockville    17 requests
Rockville recreation                    16 requests
Science day                                  16 requests
Rockville science day                  16 requests

Referring site report (Highest to Lowest) top 5                     136,792 requests                               6,385 requests                     4,484 requests       3,522 requests    2,420 requests

Referring site report (highest to lowest) least 5   147 requests                       141 requests                      110 requests                   99 requests               98 requests