RockNet Home Page   RockNet Meeting Minutes - December 13, 2007


December 13, 2007

The meeting convened in the Blue Crab Room of City Hall at 7:45 P.M.

In attendance: Bob Ekman, Art Casanova, Brian Pierce, Jonathan Crane, Mike Cannon, Betsy Robbins, Jonathan Walker, and Roald Schrack.

1. Minutes of previous meeting accepted without revision.

2.The schedule for 2008 meeting was considered.  The February 14 meeting will be moved to February 7 due to Valentines Day.

3. Switching of internet connection from present T1 (1.5 megabit) on December 19 to equivalent  of 4 T1's ( 6 megabits). Also changing companies.

4. The drop in users for both city and Rocknet continued with 3708 average visits/day in November compared to 4569 in October for the city. For Rocknet it was 449 in November compared to 547 in October. No obvious cause was seen.

The city site is featuring the new Pike Master Plan, attempting to get more input from citizens. 300 city job descriptions were put up. The Winter Recreation Guide was put on the city site.

5. The Webcam on Town Center and the listserve are working OK. Bob is working on the new server at home. Bob discussed bogus messages on the listserve. The improved bandwidth may reduce the problem.

6. Jonathan Walker discussed problems with the Wi-Fi hot spot at the Regal. He is considering replacing the gateway. It was concluded that the Town Center hot spot did not have sufficient range to reach the Regal area.

7. The was an extended discussion of the calendar. Jonathan Crane expressed interest in working on the problem.

The meeting adjourned about 8:30P.M.

Report submitted by:

Roald Schrack
Rockville, MD