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March 8, 2007

Meeting convened in the Blue Crab Room of City Hall at 7:40 PM.

In attendance were: Mary Alice McDonough, Bob Ekman, Roald Schrack, Stan Klein, Betsy Robbins, and Mike Cannon

1) Minutes of previous meeting accepted as submitted.

2) Jonathan Walker is proposed to be treasurer in place of Jim Beller. Moved, Seconded and voted in affirmation.

3) Betsy reported that Rockville went from 4729 average visits per day in January to 4946 in February. The city is setting up speed cameras. They must now be monitored by a person in a van with the camera. The Spring Recreation Guide is on the City web site. A Project Tracking Chart is being set up to allow the public to view progress of select capital projects. The Student Art Show at the Civic Mansion will be placed on the web site.

4) Bob reported that the server is working now but had to be rebooted to repair a problem with FTP uploading. Lyris is working OK The web cam server has a virus that takes the server down every couple of days. He has tried to remove the virus but has been unsuccessful. He now plans reinstall the system on a clean drive.

5) Mary Alice reported that there were 29 requests for a user ID in February for the Regal WiFi.

6) The new server needs new Lyris software and a hardware firewall.

Meeting adjourned at 9:00 PM.

Report submitted by:

Roald Schrack
Rockville, MD