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February 8, 2007

Meeting convened in the Blue Crab Room of City Hall at 7:40 PM.

In attendance: Carol Nicolas, Bob Ekman, Roald Schrack, Brian Pierce, Art Casanova, Betsy Robbins, Helen Triolo, Mike Cannon, Mary Alice McDonough

1) Minutes of January meeting were accepted with minor revisions.

2) Betsy reported that the Rockville site had 4729 and Rocknet 778 average visits per day in January. She reported that the city website has a virtual tour of the Town Center and new map showing stores. The 2006 Comprehensive Annual Financial Report is on the web and work is being done on a new section on Senior Services.

3) Bob reported on the listserve operations: email has been fixed so that hackers can not pick it up for spam. The Lyris system is working well. The computer that is attached to the webcam has a virus that seems to be in a boot sector. Several unsuccessful attempts have been made to remove it. Several webcam pictures have been lost in December and January.

4) Mary Alice reported that the WiFi password has been changed in 2007. There were 46 new user ID requests in January. This compares with 29 requests in January of 2006. The landlord in the Regal shopping area tried to charge tenants for the WiFi equipment that had been donated to Rocknet. Jonathan is attempting to correct the situation.

5) There was some discussion of the calendar. Mary Alice found the Google calendar difficult to use. Helen told about her calendar and there was discussion of having a calendar that was available to other calendars as might be done in RSS.

6) The new server has arrived but not unpacked. There was some discussion on where the server might be located.

The meeting adjourned at 9:06 PM.

Report submitted by:

Roald Schrack
Rockville, MD