RockNet Home Page   RockNet Meeting Minutes - August 10, 2006


August 10, 2006

Meeting convened in the Diamondback Terrapin Room of City Hall at 7:45 PM.

In Attendance were: Bob Ekman, Jonathan Walker, William Armbruster, Jack Wu, Art Casanova, Brian Pierce, Mary McDonough, and Betsy Robbins.

1. The July minutes were accepted.  The June minutes were accepted by the end of the meeting.

2. Betsy Robbins described changes in the City's web site and email listrs.  The Pike Plan is now on the web.  Rockville Sports email list is open for public use.

The City's website had 4,326 average visits per day during July, slightly down from June.  RockNet's web site had an average of 858 visits per day in June and 723 in July.  Daily average counts were also presented for the independent web site on our server, but they were relatively low.

3. Bob Ekman described changes to the web site.  He has been working with the Flint Ledge administrators to update their pages.

4. Mary Alice McDonough presented a report on the use of our Wi-Fi service in downtown Rockville.  We had 234 requests for user ids during 2006, with a peak in May and into June.

5. Bob Ekman thanked the City and Betsy Robbins for the recognition of the 10th anniversary of RockNet on July 24. The food and cake was very much appreciated.  A scan of the award will be put on our web site.  The honor went to all the people who work in RockNet over the years.

6. Bob Ekman asked for people to work on a time lapse video that uses our noon webcam images for the past two years.  Bob will collect all the images on a CD for processing.  He also asked for people to serve on an new server committee.

The meeting adjourned at 9:00 PM

Report submitted by:

Robert Ekman
Rockville, MD 20850