RockNet Home Page   RockNet Meeting Minutes - January 12, 2006


January 12, 2006

Meeting convened in the City Manager’s Conference room at 7:40 PM.

In attendance were: Bob Ekman, Roald Schrack, Betsy Robbins, Jim Beller, Art Casanova, Pat Nucci, Mary Alice McDonough, and Jonathan Walker.

1. December minutes were corrected and accepted.

2. Betsy reported that she lost her assistant and was thus very busy. No stats were reported for December. Several new additions were made to the City website: revision of zoning ordinance, refuse pickup trial, cultural arts portal and preparation for the summer camp guide.

3. Bob reported that the webcam on the roof of the Victoria apartments was successfully moved. Lyris seems to be working OK. Request was made to the city for a new server and an update on Lyris. These requests will be included in the FY 07 budget request.

4. Jonathan reported on the WiFi system. He has heard that a group of businesses are planning a hotspot near the Farragut North Metro station. There was discussion of having a different Rocknet Homepage for the Town Center WiFi so that it would be easier to get statistics on its use. There was a brief interruption of service on the WiFi system on December 9 due to a missing file. This was quickly corrected. There was discussion of posting stats for the WiFi system on the Rocknet website.

5. Mary presented a calendar system used at the Kentlands website. It was generally admired but the calendar employs php scripting which Rocknet does not use. Bob asked Mary to suggest criteria for inclusion of items in the proposed calendar.

6. New Business:  A) There will be a meeting on April 9 on Neighborhood Learning Services to help homeowner’s associations get a web page.  B) Would Rocknet run a second webcam to better cover the town center site?  C) Rockville Science day coming in May.  D) Tenth anniversary of Rocknet coming.

The meeting adjourned at 9:10 PM

Report submitted by:

Roald A. Schrack
13 Farsta Court
Rockville, MD 20850