RockNet Home Page   RockNet Meeting Minutes - September 14, 2000

                     ROCKNET MEETING MINUTES

                         September 14, 2000

The meeting convened at 7:35 PM in the City Manager's Conference Room of
City Hall.

Present were:  Bob Ekman
               Stan Klein
               Bob Skinner
               Mike Cannon
               Betsy Robbins
               Paul Arveson

1) The minutes of the previous meeting were not accepted because a 
   majority of the participants were not present.  An e-mail message
   will be sent out to gain acceptance.

2) The City has finally released the Mansion Tour web pages.  They have 
   lots of time critical work.  They have added several new sports teams.

3) The issues of web site log analysis is still unresolved.  Betsy Robbins
   has given up on Marketwave.  She will be looking for a new tool.  It 
   was suggested that she look at

4) Rocknet web site has added the Hungerford citizen's organization web 
   pages.  The status of the Rose Hill Falls web pages is undetermined.

5) Comments were made on the issue of NT computer security. Risks and 
   solutions were discussed 

   a) One suggestion was to switch to Linux or FreeBSD due to better 
      security features.  It was noted that the switch would require 
      someone to really jump in. 

   b) The items in the SANS Institute need to be addressed.

   c) There was a discussion on the use of a security consultant.  While 
      it may be helpful, it must be done carefully.  Many times there is 
      no follow through on the consultant's suggestions.  A cost-benefit 
      analysis must be conducted.

   d) We need to demonstrate "due diligent" in security issues.  We need
      to set our priorities.  Perhaps we can create a "cookbook" for our 
      security administration.

   e) It was decided that the search for a consultant should start with 
      an e-mail to RCNet.

6) The RockNet brochure is published.  Betsy Robbins brought in a box of 
   them.  Bob Ekman has received a new list and mailing labels of citizen 
   group leaders. All that is left to do is mail-merge the letter and 
   stuff the envelopes.  The City will provide postage.

7) Bob Skinner reported on his search for a bank for a RockNet account.
   He is having problems finding reasonable rates.

8) Paul Arveson announced that he is available for ASP training and

9) Mike Cannon announced several City IT Department meetings of interest
   to RockNet.  On October 2, the City's GIS system will be demonstrated 
   to the Mayor and Council.  On November 6, The IT Strategic Plan will be
   presented to the Mayor and Council.  Bob Ekman suggested that the 
   RockNet board would be willing to review the plan before the 
   presentation.  Mike Cannon said he would discuss it with Julie
   Jacobson, the principal author of the plan.

The meeting adjourned at 9:20 PM.

Submitted on October 6, 2000 by 
    Robert W. Ekman