RockNet Home Page   RockNet Meeting Minutes - April 13, 2000

                     ROCKNET MEETING MINUTES

                         April 13, 2000

The meeting was held at the City Manager's Conference room of Rockville
City Hall, 111 Maryland Avenue. It began at approximately 7:45 pm with
president Robert Ekman as chair.

In attendance were: Robert Ekman, Paul Averson, Mike Cannon, and
Betsy Robbins.


1. We could not accept the minutes of the March meeting, so I will try
   to do an approval by e-mail. If you were at the March meeting, please
   read the minutes at, and send me a
   note if you have corrections.

2. Betsy and Mike gave reports on the City's activities:

   a) Betsy gave a presentation on "Using the Internet to Market Your
   Facilities" at two Maryland wide conferences.  It focused on the
   "Senior Center Virtual Tour" and was well received.

   b) Betsy is working on a "Tour of Glenview Mansion".

   c) A new dynamic format for the police reports is in development.

   d) The new ISP is almost ready for initiation.

3. Bob reported on the RockNet's site activities.

   a) The RockNet site is over 100 visits a day.

   b) The search engine is working against the RockNet's site.  We have
   plans to search the City site and both, based on a radio button.

   c) We have a request to host web pages from a citizen group just
   outside the corporate borders of Rockville.  We need a board answer
   to the request.

4. There are several items that need your attention.  I will be sending
   out separate notes on each item.

   a) RockNet Science Day is Sunday, April 30.  We need some help
   staffing the exhibit.

   b) On May 8, I will make a presentation at the Mayor and Council
   budget hearing. It needs review.

   c) I have prepared a letter to citizen organizations and
   associations.  It needs review.

   d) As we collect information from our visitors, we may need a privacy
   policy.  Look at other sites and send me some examples.

The meeting was adjourned at 8:45 PM.

Summitted by Bob Ekman on April 14, 2000.