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Rockville City Elections 1999
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Most voters in Rockville will not get a chance to personally meet and discuss issues with the candidates standing for election to Mayor and Council on November 2. To help the voters make an informed choice, the Alliance of Rockville Citizens has submitted a set of three questions to the candidates. They were asked to answer the questions in 100 words or less.

The Alliance picked questions that covered areas of concern shown by the results of a previous questionnaire. The questions, printed below, are headed by titles that are used to identify the responses from the candidates.

To see how the candidates responded, click on the candidate's name to the left. The responses are direct from the candidates and have not been altered except for minor grammar and punctuation changes.

Fewer than 20% of registered voters vote in city elections and relatively few citizens participate in civic activities. How would you develop greater participation, especially among persons under 40 and among our diverse ethnic minorities that now make up a third of our population?

Many citizens fear that the virtues of Rockville as a good place to live and raise a family are being endangered by increased traffic congestion and intensive land use development. How would you protect our residential neighborhoods in our growing city?

Most new housing now being built in Rockville has a price double or more the value of the average home in Rockville. New Housing is thus priced out of the reach of the average citizen, especially new young families. Much of our present housing was constructed 50 years ago. What would you do to help preserve and enhance the existing housing supply and encourage the construction of moderately priced new housing?

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